HERBORIST Dormancy Freeze-dried Essence Anti-aging & Lifting Mask | 6pcs

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What it is:

Inspired by thousands of years of herbal beauty culture, Herborist was founded in 1998, as China's first comprehensive skin care brand based on Chinese herbal medicine. Blending traditional Chinese beauty knowledge with modern biotechnology, Herborist focuses on ancient Chinese herbal medicine to gradually bring about an ideal state of "nature and balance" according to Chinese culture, and create legendary beauty by herbal medicine.


Using freeze-dried technology, HERBORIST Dormancy Essence Brightening Mask releases a rich essence when in contact with water to deliver herbs to the skin for whitening and moisturizing results.

How to Use:

Remove the mask from the package and place on the mask holder.
- Take 25 ml of pure water and soak the mask for 1 minute to release the essence.
- Apply the mask tot he face for 15 minutes.


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