LOOKS & MEII Fresh-Routine Boosting Essence 3.38 fl.oz/100ml

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Boosting essence that provides the skin with the necessary oil and moisture to help the next product be well absorbed. Triple hyaluronic acid and 10 peptide complex provide firm moisturizing and nourishing. It gives a smooth skin texture without stickiness.

What is Fresh-Routine Mechanism:

The Micro Dual Capsulation finely granulates the active ingredient and delivers it to the skin. The alpine willow herb ingredient has a fresh routine mechanism that balances oil and moisture to provide a moist and fresh feeling.

How To Use:
Apply an appropriate amount to face at the skin care essence step. Pat lightly to absorb

LOOKS & MEII Fresh-Routine Boosting Essence 3.38 fl.oz/100ml

LOOKS & MEII strongly believes that the true beauty is created from both inside and outside. Satisfying outlook will give confidence and positive energy for all. We prioritize authentic beauty with careful research and analysis for all skin types.

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