LIBERTA Baby Foot Hakka Oil (Mint) Foot Exfoliating Mask

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Baby Foot is an innovative foot care product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby's foot.

  • Size: Women (Size 4-11) / Men (Size 4-9)
  • Made in Japan

How to Use:

  1. Each pair is for single use, wait around 2 weeks between applications. 
  2. After cleansing your feet, put the plastic booties on both feet and secure the booties around each ankle using the enclosed pieces of adhesive tape. 
    *We recommend to place a pair of socks over the plastic booties and remain seated. 
  3. Leave the pads on your feet for 60 minutes to allow product to absorb. 
    *to enhance the effect, we recommend soaking your feet prior to the treatment. 
  4. After one hour, remove the plastic booties and wash your feet with soap.
  5. The dead skin cells will begin to peel from 5-7 days after the initial application.
  6. The dead skin cells could continue to peel naturally up to two weeks, depending on the amount of dead skin on the fee, leaving your feet soft and smooth, just like a baby's feet.



The following safety guidelines should be observed before purchasing the products:

  • The information appearing on this website is provided only as a guide. The product description should not be used as a recommendation to the use of a product.¬†
  • If you‚Äôre uncertain about any possible sensitivity, always do a patch test before or consult your healthcare professionals.

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