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The history of Whoo x PIERRE MARIE

The 3rd generation of the Anti-Aging Concentrate that smooth wrinkles and strengthen your skin's vitality more rapidly.



The Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Concentrate has been one of the most renowned anti-aging essence that has gained a loyal following in Korea over the past decade. The history of Whoo's newly upgraded Anti-Aging Concentrate retains the precious ingredients used in secret court formulas, and is fortified with newly developed "JaHaBichup Complex™". The complex contains 10 times more main ingredients of ChoJaHaBiDan (a key complex that can intelligently identify and repair skin concerns) than its original formula, to enhance skin regeneration, delay potential skin ageing, and fortify skin resilience. This results in healthy skin that is filled with energy and self-regenerating power.

    • In just 3 days, the skin barrier’s Self-Generating Power was enhanced by 65.1%^
    • After 3 weeks, Anti-Ageing Ability was enhanced by 25%**
    • After 1 month, skin looks Younger*** with theaid of Concentrate’s strengthened ability to precision repair. Underlying wrinkles were reduced by 10.5%; Skin density increased by 26.5%; Elasticity in the deeper layers of the skin increased by 12.1%. And potential signs of ageing were eliminated by targeted repair.

*Tested on 32 women aged between 20 and 61, from May 10 to 18, 2021. Testing agency: Ellead

**Tested on 33 women aged between 42 and 60, from May 26 to June 23, 2021, comparing the clinical test results (wrinkle depth, skin elasticity and contour enhancement) of those who use the 3rd generation Concentrate for three weeks to those who used the second generation Concentrate for four weeks. Testing agency: Ellead

***Tested on 32 women aged between 27 and 43 (clinical test after 4 weeks of use), from May 13 to June 11, 2021. Testing agency: Global Medical Research Centre

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