Dong Ui Hong Sam Ginger Red Ginseng Rinse Conditioner

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Dong Ui Hong Sam Ginger Red Ginseng containing red ginseng from Korean Korean ginsengs. It is a healing care product that provides healthy scalp and beautiful hair.


How to use &precautions for application  

Take an appropriate amount on your hands and massage into wet scalp and hair. 

  • Do not use for anything other than its intended use
  • Wash immediately when it gets into your eyes
  • When using cosmetics.. Or after use, if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling or itching due to direct sunlight  Consult a specialist, etc.
  • Do not use on damaged areas.
  • Be careful as it may cause hair loss or discoloration if not washed with water after use.
  • There is a risk of slipping when in contact with the product contents. 


The following safety guidelines should be observed before purchasing the products:

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If you’re uncertain about any possible sensitivity, always do a patch test before or consult your healthcare professionals.



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