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Glico Pocky, Chocolate Thin

  • A cooked pretzel stick of roughly half the thickness of Pocky Chocolate, wrapped in a chocolate coating. Enjoy the unique taste of Gokuboso, which despite its light and breezy nature contains the full flavor of rich chocolate

  • Glico Pocky, Chocolate

  • A cooked pretzel stick with a crispy texture, wrapped in a rich chocolate coating. Pocky, with its pleasant *snap* texture, this fun snack is guaranteed to brighten up your day!

  • Glico Pocky, Chocolate Strawberry

  • This pink Pocky combines a heart-shaped pretzel design with strawberry flavor. Please enjoy the cute appearance that will make your heart flutter and combination of sweet and sour taste of the strawberry

  • Glico Pocky, Almond Crush Chocolate

  • A stick sprinkled with crushed almonds, it is interwoven with an exquisite taste that combines the delicious taste of fragrant almond with milk chocolate

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