Himawari Oil In Conditioner Rich & Repair

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Hair distortion care

(*Distortion: It is the disturbance of the lipid and water balance of the inside of the hair and the outside of the hair, which is the cause of swell, habit and pasa.) 


To easy-to-handle, straightforward and coherent hair
To keep the hair spreading and keeping it spreading moistly

  • Premium sunflower oil EX combination
  • Focusing on lipid and water balance of hair inside and outside of hair.
  • Stop swell, habit, with a pasa and go to straight hair.
  • Premium sunflower oil EX
  • Organic sunflower oil, Sunflower bud fermented extract, Organic sunflower bud extract, Sunflower seed extract, Sunflower flower extract
  • Swell control prescription
  • Fix lipid & moisture balance, to undulating hair with undulation

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