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The self-heating Kao Steam Warming Eye Masks comfortably envelopes your eyes with warm steam of about 40°C to soothe aching eyes, relieve stress, and ease tension. End the day or take a break with this one-time use eye mask feeling more relaxed! This product may be used before going to bed, while traveling, or while simply relaxing at home. It is great to use after a long day of staring at the computer or at any other digital devices.



  • Brightens tired eyes
  • Warms up quickly
  • Warm steam eases eye strain
  • Provides comfort and relieves stress

How to Use:

Since the product starts heating up after opening, use it immediately. Tear along the perforated line and place ear straps around the ears, making sure that the white colored side of the mask lays on the eyes and that the cut out in the mask faces down. Keeping your eyes close, indulge in the steam for 20 minutes. Remove and dispose after using.

*Do not use immediately after using eye drops and do not use with other eye masks or patches.

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