LOOKS & MEII The Collagen In And Fit Mask , 10 pcs + Collagen Booster Supplements

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Collagen for your body and skin, providing IN & FIT double effect! Containing various collagen with high nutrition essence helps firm and strength skin as well as provides nutrition to offer rejuvenation.

LOOKS & MEII focuses on caring for each item to provide the most hygienic experience. We put more time and effort into making sure the products go through a sterilization process to prevent any of them from getting viruses, germs, or fungi during the creation process.

How to Use:

  • THE COLLAGEN IN BOOSTER STICK: Included in the mask pack, this booster stick has 1,000mg of Italian small molecule collagen in powder form that can be consumed as a source of daily vitamin to start self-care from the inside. It can be sprinkled in water, or straight as powder in the mouth, before or after using the mask.
  • THE COLLAGEN FIT BALANCING MASK: Containing 1,000ppp of hydrolyzed collagen to provide moisture and nutrition. After washing the face, even out the skin texture with toner. After 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet and gently massage the remaining essence on your face for absorption

How to Apply LOOKS & MEII Facial Mask


The Collagen in Booster Stick: 1,000mg of Italian small molecule fish collagen, tasteful blueberry flavor in powder form.

The Collage Fit Balancing Mask: 1,000ppp of hydrolyzed collagen, receptive collagen, real lagen collagen, and hydrolyzed elastin.

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