Sanitas Particle KF94 Mask, Made in Korea | White

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Sanitas Particle KF94 Mask

Key Features:

How to wear

  • Make sure that the surface in contact with the face is not contaminated
  • Wear the mask to cover your nose and mouth with the nose holding piece facing up
  • Hook the ear loop over your ear
  • Make sure the mask is in close contact with your face without a gap

Precautions for use

  • Do not use in enclosed places with oxygen concentration less than 18%
  • Do not use if the inside of the mask is contaminated
  • Do not use after washing
  • Do not Wrap it with a towel or tissue paper and wear over it
  • Do not crush or deform
  • Do not touch the surface of the mask after wearing it
  • Pregnant women, people with respiratory and cardiovascular disease, children, the elderly, Discontinue use if breathing is uncomfortable, and consult with a doctor or other specialist if necessary

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