SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (Pitera Essence)

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A powerful skincare treatment dubbed, 'Miracle Water' in Asia. Its transformative powers on skin appearance are so legendary. A bottle is sold every 2 seconds.


What is PITERA mimics skin:
Skin recognizes it as its own and drinks it all up. With 90% PITERA all that hard-working actives work its magic. This award-winning product transforms your skin in 28 days.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Award

 What is PITERA Essence:

The story begins with a chance observation at a sake brewery in Japan where scientists noticed the elderly brewers had wrinkled faces but extraordinarily youthful-looking hands. Intensive searches began out of millions of yeast strains and studies were conducted on hundreds of fermentation conditions.

Now every drop of Pitera is produced by cultivating the one exclusive yeast strain under the most stringent conditions that remain SK-II's most valuable trade secret. This iconic essence formula has then remained essentially unchanged for almost 40 years as the full efficacies of Pitera have not yet been uncovered; and until now, SK-II is continuing to discover new things it can do. A miracle like no other, Pitera is pure power of nature harnessed by advanced technology.


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