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  • From the Stretch i Sheet series sheet mask that moisturizes and moisturizes your eyes and mouth lines that are concerned about dryness due to snake toxins. This is a sheet mask for your eyes and mouth that leads to a healthy and beautiful skin like if you were willing back to skin time
  • The popular ingredient NMN has been made into nano-size that is familiar with the skin, and it reaches deep into the skin (even to the stratum layer), making it quick to clean skin
  • In addition, the highly moisturizing ingredients that have been added from the same series are designed to attract dry skin while also providing a plump, voluminous and moisturizing skin. New aging care to condition your skin from the interior of the skin (stratum layer). It takes less time to lead to ideal skin. Recommended for those who are concerned about how small it is dried or sagging, and those who want pores that are prone to pores and are looking for a plump feel
  • Uses a special sheet of material with excellent adhesion to the skin. Just pull up the eye line and stick it up. Lavender and Rosemary scent is wrapped in a gentle fragrance that relaxes the mind while skincare
  • Use 2 sheets at a time (1 for each side of the left and right eye or mouth) for a generous 30 uses. Special care for your face is done every day. Use the included tweezers to remove sheets for hygienic storage
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