The SAEM Facial Mask Sheets

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The SAEM Natural Facial Mask Sheet

  • These popular Korean mask sheets use light weight "essence pockets" that are imbued with essences formulated from natural ingredients found in nature.
  • The little pockets are able to store more essence for your skin to absorb when applied to the skin.
  • Comes in 13 different varieties. Each ingredient was chosen carefully to provide nutrients to the skin and assist the skin in recovering from a different skin concern.
  • Allowing pores to fully absorb essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients for ultimate hydration 


How to Use: 

  1. After cleansing, prepare the skin with toner. 
  2. open the pouch, pull our the mask, and place on the face, using the eye& nose area to align correctly. 
  3. Remove the sheet after 10 - 20 minutes and gently pat leftover essence for full absorption

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